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Get to Know Us

Scrappy Horse is a collective of individuals who've worked across product, business, marketing and brand divisions in both corporate environments as well as startups. We realised that the startup experience is vital in being able to ship fast even if the strategy and implementation plans are often less perfectly polished. We've felt the pain of wanting to take on support whilst tactically scaling and having to go through another 2 costly months of 'strategising' first. When in fact, the only real answers lay in the market itself and what that strategy needed to be was a fast and dirty actionable plan. 

So that's the point of Scrappy Horse - less time spent on theorising and more time on activating.
This approach enables our customers to test, iterate, relaunch, scale quickly at a significantly lower cost than the traditional, slower, over-polished and hypothetical strategizing ever can. 

This means sometimes we're the temporary product or marketing assistant or visiting cmo, other times we're the quiet in-house micro-consultancy and occasionally we're the external hiring support or foreign market potential evaluator.

You get the gist. 

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